Russian Women Scam

Greedy businesswomanChoosing on-line international dating with Russian girls, one needs to be aware of the possible scamming in this field. Scammers get very inventive and do everything to get your money. So, it is strongly recommended not to transfer or send any money to a girl you have never seen. Determining a scammer on-line is a very hard thing; anyway the goal of any scammer is getting your money. Below you will find some Russian scam techniques. Continue reading Russian Women Scam

Dating Scam

Burglar Holding Credit CardScam and scammers” these words were not very common until recent day with the internet appearance and on-line dating popularity growth. With the development of offers of the dating on-line agencies the methods of scam become more sophisticated. Trimming the money from open, honest and sincere people, looking for their other halves on-line scammerscause the most severe devastation – emotional aspect giving birth to anger, hate and fear of a serious relationship. Continue reading Dating Scam

Why the Lists of On-line Dating Scammers Don’t Help

handcuffs, money,, backgroundToday many dating sites provide their clients with the lists of dating scammers operating in a web. It is a great idea; however, it doesn’t make your presence on any dating site safe. So, it is not quite applicable, why?
First, the lists of the on-line dating scammers contain only the names and information about those, who were caught, the rest of them is not revealed to a public. Continue reading Why the Lists of On-line Dating Scammers Don’t Help