How to Protect Yourself from Russian Women Scams?

Tablet with online fraud word

No matter how creative the scammers are, it is not hard to protect yourself from becoming a victim. If the whole situation sounds too good to be true then it probably is a trick.
Real, attractive, sincere girls rarely use internet for dating as they have enough men around them; many of them are not ready for a long-distance relationship as they know it is a challenging and hard relationship.
However, it doesn’t mean you cannot find any descent nice looking girl on-line. It is possible if you put your time and effort in it. Easy marriage doesn’t exist. It will work if you come through many dating sites, look through thousands of profiles and avoid piles of scamming letters, etc. Yes, you will need to work really hard.
So, what to do if you encounter a scammer?
Depends on the situation. If you are just mailing to each other, you can cut your communication. You can also tell her you know she is a scammer and watch her reaction. Most probably she will stop writing, but if you receive her letters, delete them without reading and you can also contact the administration of the site to delete her profile.
If you are already in her country and she is after your money, you better start arranging a flight to your homeland. If you stay at her place, move out as she can have ‘friends’ operating with her. The best choice is to invent a reason for urgent leaving and promise you’ll be back soon.
If you suspect your present wife is a ‘gold-digger’:
– Contact your lawyer for a fast divorce
– Preventively think of marital agreement
– Install hidden cameras at your home (they will be a great evidence when she will try to fake domestic violence)
– Watch her behavior. Ask your friends what she tells about you, for instance you drink much, etc.
– Figure out what she tells in Russian over the phone, friends, etc.
However, it is better to avoid these situations rather then deal with them.