How to Protect yourself from Unreliable Agencies

PrintEvery dating agency offers its clients many services and you have to pay for them, unless the agency is free. However, choosing on-line dating agency you need to be careful as scam and fraud also exists in their rows.
Trustworthy reliable agencies: These agencies you can trust. The ladies in their data base are real and all personal data about the women is checked by the agency. Here you can chose the agency by the amount of services provided and prices. To find these agencies you need to make a good tooth-and-nail research.
Suspicious or bad agencies: These types of agencies keep you as longer as possible as their customer or provide much high prices for the same services on the on-line dating market. They don’t check the personal data of women, registered on their sites, thus allowing more scammers register in their data base. These agencies can ask you for the services you don’t need, for instance letter translation even if your lady speaks your language, otherwise the agency will stop your communication, until you pay. These agencies usually erase e-mail addresses from the letters on both sides.
Fake agencies: These agencies have nice websites, looking as a professional agency, but the ladies registered in their data base don’t exist; these are pictures form magazines or are stolen form other agencies or social networks. The ladies on this site won’t ask you for money; this will be done, by the administration of the site.
What can you do to protect yourself is do a great research about the agency you plan to join. It is good if you can visit the agency and check if they are really registered as the agency. You can also contact the administration of the site and ask specific questions about them and work they do. Follow your gut feeling and if you feel something is wrong, look for another agency.