How to Recognize Russian Women Scams?

russianwomendatingscaSo, maybe you are one of the men, who are interested in getting an answer to a one million dollar question: how to distinguish sincere genuine Russian girls from scammers? The answer won’t bring you satisfaction as you simply cannot do this. You cannot see who is there by that side of the screen; it is impossible. Even when the girl is for real it doesn’t mean she is not a scammer. So, what to do?
The method you can use to protect yourself from the greatest part of Russian women scam is getting real! Be sure this will save you lots of time and money.
Very often men, who get scammed don’t want to face the truth and even when they feel something is going wrong, they choose to believe everything is ok. So, when a gorgeous young lady contacts you and falls in love with you after a couple of letters – it is too good to be true, however, it flatters male ego and they start thinking otherwise. Do you think these drop-dead beauties are that desperate?
You need to learn to see ‘red flags’ of scam, she can be a scammer if she:
– Contacts you first, even if you are a newbie on the site
– Even not knowing you well, she professes deep feelings, romance, love, etc.
– The information about her is vague
– She asks you too many questions about your job, incomes, houses, possessions, etc.
– Sends seducing, nude pictures
– Asks you for a certain sum of money for different reasons
– Suddenly decides she wants to marry you
– Dreams of a vacation for two (for your expense  )
– Her letters look like templates
– Looks like a model from the cover of a magazine
– Wears clothes or uses accessories contradicting with her financial possibilities
– Is too good to be real
Always be real and use your common sense. This is indeed the best thing you can do to be protected from Russian women scams and all sorts of fraud.