How to Protect yourself from Unreliable Agencies

PrintEvery dating agency offers its clients many services and you have to pay for them, unless the agency is free. However, choosing on-line dating agency you need to be careful as scam and fraud also exists in their rows.
Trustworthy reliable agencies: These agencies you can trust. The ladies in their data base are real and all personal data about the women is checked by the agency. Here you can chose the agency by the amount of services provided and prices. To find these agencies you need to make a good tooth-and-nail research. Continue reading How to Protect yourself from Unreliable Agencies

Russian Dating Scams

Hacker using magnifying glass for spyingIf you step on the path of seeking a Russian bride, be ready you will surely encounter scammers among girls or among agencies. However, you don’t have to be afraid of this if you are knowledgeable about this aspect of international on-line dating. Below you will learn more about scamming types. They are much more, but it is impossible to touch all of them in one article, besides new ideas of scam appear daily. Continue reading Russian Dating Scams