Russian Dating Scams

Hacker using magnifying glass for spyingIf you step on the path of seeking a Russian bride, be ready you will surely encounter scammers among girls or among agencies. However, you don’t have to be afraid of this if you are knowledgeable about this aspect of international on-line dating. Below you will learn more about scamming types. They are much more, but it is impossible to touch all of them in one article, besides new ideas of scam appear daily.
E-mail scams. You can get letters from scammers, who maybe not women at all, ‘women’ with fake photos and information pretending to fall in love with you and in several letters asking for your money. It is easy to avoid not sending any money.
Letter and Gift Fraud
Here men face the agency scams. The letters are written by the agency working stuff and the lady will never ask you for the money, but you will pay the fee to the ‘owner’ of the agency. Since the rates of men coming to Russia and former Soviet Union countries are low, these scams are not exposed in many cases. The same is true about gift delivery. Your Russian bride can be a ‘bad’ girl and share the money for the gift with the agency or can receive a much cheaper flowers, toys, etc. than you actually paid for. You will hardly see this on the photo and Photoshop makes things look much ‘smoother’ on the photos.
In-Person Scam
Even if you don’t buy your Russian bride anything from the shops on a date, you still can become a victim of another in-person fraud. Very often lady agrees for a date with an interpreter only. You pay a certain amount of money to the interpreter for her service, but you even don’t suspect – it is a scam and the ladies are ‘working’ to earn the money. The more time your ‘bride’ will spend with you, the more she will earn as the money paid for the interpreter’s service would be shared by the girls. Some scammers manage to get their kickbacks from taxi driver and even waiters at the restaurants. Scammers get really inventive these days.