Russian Women Scam

Greedy businesswomanChoosing on-line international dating with Russian girls, one needs to be aware of the possible scamming in this field. Scammers get very inventive and do everything to get your money. So, it is strongly recommended not to transfer or send any money to a girl you have never seen. Determining a scammer on-line is a very hard thing; anyway the goal of any scammer is getting your money. Below you will find some Russian scam techniques.
The first way to get your money is ‘borrowing’ money from you, because you will never ask them back from a weak Russian girl in trouble.
The next way is sharing a ‘blue dream’ with you and you feel like her knight in shining armor on a white horse to make her dream come true and since there are miles between the two of you, you will send money for its realization.
Another way of getting your money is telling you about her ex men, who were rich and generous buying her the stuff, etc.
Counting on your saint duty, a scammer will use the most frequent technique of creating situations when it is necessary to pay for something urgently and having no money for doing so.
A Russian lady’ will ask you to help her any way, but not materially, be sure, later she will get to your wallet.
This is just a small part of techniques used by Russian scammers; the ways of getting your money are numerous. The best anti-scam policy is using your common sense.