Types of On-line Dating Scammers

Dating Scam SignRussian women scams can be separated into 3 main categories in accordance with how far the scammers can go.
The first type of scammers is operating in internet only and considered to be the least dangerous one. The scammers of this type will never meet you in flesh – their goal is to take as much money from you as possible during your on-line communication and then disappear. The reasons they are asking for money can be various, but most probably are:
– Trip expenses and visa to get to your place
– Helping her poor parents, relatives
– Paying her bills
– Borrowing money from you for something very important, promising she will return the money
– Paying for medical treatment for her or one of the members of her family, etc.
The idea is clear. However, if you try to meet her in real life, this scam will stop. A great way to check if she is true is suggest your coming to her place.
However, this ‘preventive measure’ won’t work with ‘dating Russian women scams. These types of scammers are a more dangerous echelon. They will take advantage of you not only on distance, but would do everything to meet you in real life and take advantage of you during your meeting. She will play a loving an caring, attentive woman, until you come to her country and after several days of nice communication she will ask you for jewelry, expensive clothes, etc. The amount of things she will need will grow worse daily. The sooner you stop this, the better for you. She will try to make you feel bad about finishing your ‘relationship’, but, for your sake, ignore this.
The next and the ‘cruelest’ type are ‘gold diggers’ or ‘wedding scammers’. The woman of this sort will never ask you for money and will be a great and caring partner of your dreams for a long period of time, until she marries you. The goals of ‘gold diggers’ are citizenship or your bank account and possessions. This scam is the most difficult to recognize and is the most devastating one.