What If She Is Genuine and Really Needs Money?

money on a tableYou believe your Russian lady is genuine, but she asks you for money. Then ask yourself some questions: Why would she need it? Would a descent girl ask a man she barely knows for money? It really makes no sense for a lady. She can look for money at other places and acquaintances rather than internet as it is shameful and if you send her money she will feel obliged.
However, a rare occasion can be a really desperate girl; otherwise no descent Russian lady would do this. For sure the decision is up to you, but it is really a bad idea to start a relationship with a desperate girl.
If you feel sorry for the Russian woman and you are sure she is not a scammer, you can donate her some money and go on with your Russian bride search. If you give the girl money from the very beginning you won’t be 100 % sure she is with you out of love, gratitude or need.
If a woman asks you for money open visa as she really likes you and wants to meet in your country, most likely you will waste your money. It is very difficult for a single young Russian woman to obtain US, Canada or EU visa.
Remember that it is impossible to get a visa to the USA through an agency and things should be done in person. If you are suggested to open your Russian bride a US visa for a certain amount of money, be sure it is a scam.